For each episode of Launched I create a custom version of the podcast artwork where I replace the paper airplane with a “sketchified” version of the guests app icon (or something else representing the guest if they aren’t an app dev or can’t give me permission to use their icon).

This has eventually led to a few developers adding that icon into their app as an optional custom app icon, which delights me to no end ☺️. I tweeted as much and there was a lot of questions asking how I make them. It’s pretty straight forward so I made a little tutorial showing how I make these sketch style app icons using Procreate on my iPad Pro.

I’ve also created 2 files that I use when creating these icons that you can download here:

As always, feedback is appreciated. If I said anything dumb (likely) or if you end up using this technique for a project yourself I’d love to hear about it on Twitter!